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    Progressive Computer Solutions - Data Recovery
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     31 reviews
     by S. Henn

    Like EVERYONE else on here I came to Chris scared to death that I had lost over 1TB of my life's collections. Music, videos, pictures, documents.
    I emailed him on a Saturday eve, he replied within five minutes and offered to meet me the NEXT DAY ( Sunday ). I brought with me a new drive, explained to him in detail what had happened and that I was told it was failed firmware. Chris let me know that nothing is guaranteed, however he would do the best he could. Well, Monday I received notice that I needed a BIGGER drive and that was good news! I shipped one via Amazon direct and on Wednesday I was told to come and pick everything back up.... a 100% recovery of 2TB of data! Lesson learned, never to happen again.
    Chris is professional, timely and extremely personable. He helped calm my nerves and guide me in a situation that is completely foreign to me. I cannot stress enough that he did a tremendous job with all of my personal data, Thank you so much Chris. I do not have one single reservation or regret. His company is successful due to the fact that HE takes everything on and wants to please the customer in a very stressful situation. I HIGHLY RECCOMEND using his services.

     by Rick & Cheri Denver

    Progressive Computer Solutions, Inc. totally recovered everything on our crashed hard drive. They saved tons of precious pictures and documents that were irreplaceable. Then they installed a hard drive replacement. The price for this great service was reasonable for such a big task ... no one could beat it. Thank you Progressive for your great and reasonable service.

     by PC Plug

    If anyone is looking for an expert to recover your sensitive data, please do yourself a favor and pay PCS a visit. Excellent work at a fair price.

     by Joe
    Data Recovery

    Brought 2 harddrives to him for recovery. The drives had been smashed in a car accident. One drive he was able to recover fully. It was bent in the accident. The other drive he recommended another firm to me that was very capable, but the drive was too far gone even for them. Price was reasonable given the damage.

     by Jennie Hill
    memory card

    Thrilled with the help I recieved from Chris to retrieve lost photos on a memory card. He was honest and helpful on what help he was able to provide me. The prices were the cheapest in the area. Extremely reasonable and fair. Work was done quickly with photos returned just a few days later. Will definitely go back with any future problems.

     by Bill Burke
    THE guy a PC guy goes to when they need help.

    I've been working on computers since 1990 and this is the first time I've had to reach out to someone to recover a drive. I looked at the local options and selected Chris for several reasons - his years of experience, the "no data,no charge" policy, and the deal breaker, he is local, while the others ship your drive out of town.

    Keep the work here, I say!

    Chris responded very quickly. I dropped the drive off on Friday afternoon and my client was back in business Monday morning! "...and there was much rejoicing."

    As a consultant, its important to have partners to be able to turn to from time to time. Chris is on my short list.

    Thanks Chris!

     by Jacob

    Took my external hard drive to Chris when it stopped working suddenly after 8 years. He was able to recover everything- nearly 700 gigabytes comprising thousands of pictures, videos, and documents. I also got a good education on solid state drives and usb 3.0, my computer knowledge was pretty outdated!

     by Joe Suszczynski
    Highly Recommended

    I've taken my laptop to PCS twice in the past 18 months - once for a major loss of data, and more recently for a relatively minor problem. Chris did a great job fixing my computer both times. He was knowledgeable, professional and very helpful - and his prices were very reasonable.

     by Mike
    Date Recovery

    I couldn't believe how quickly they were able to get the job done. Everything on my hard drive was digital and took up most of the 4TB available on the drive.

     by Demetri M

    Outstanding experience. Professional, responsive, and timely. Very fair-priced, and good value. I highly recommend and would use again!

     by Sharon
    Thank you!

    Thank you Chris for recovering all of our budget information that we thought was overwritten and erased.

    You recovered everything and had it back up and running in less than 24 hours. We would never been able to reconstruct everything that was in there.

    I will highly recommend you to anyone I know with a data or hard drive problem.

     by Will Maher
    Thank you

    Chris, was amazing to work with and saved me thousands of dollars and countless hours on trying to recover my lost hard drive that crashed. Having a business he helped me get back up and running ASAP , he is honest and caring. Thanks, Will Maher - Lake View Lawns, inc.

     by Brendan
    Wedding photos saved!

    Long story short, my sister's wedding photographer dropped the ball on backing up her wedding photos. After several attempts to recover the data were made by the photographer's technically inclined acquaintances, we brought it to PCS. In a matter of hours Chris was able to repair the broken drive and extract the photos. He is the hero of the wedding.

     by Ryan

    My external hard drive was fried, Geek Squad couldn't help me and said my only option was to send it to the manufacturer an that would cost $1000. PCS recovered everything I lost in just a couple days for less. Much thanks.

     by Hilary

    I started hearing the click of death from my hard drive several weeks ago, whenever I would wake up my computer from being asleep. My husband and I tried to back up everything, but when the hard drive totally crashed, we found that something had gone wrong with the backup. To say I was heartbroken is a bit of an understatement. I had about 15 years of photos, music, and writing on my computer. I contacted PCS and Chris was very responsive and helpful. He replaced a part in my hard drive and had all of my data recovered and back in my hands within 24 hours! I am so happy and grateful. Thank you Chris, I am definitely recommending you to friends!

    Hilary, I am glad to be able to help. Thank you for trusting PCS with this critical recovery!

     by Dawn Banister
    Great Service!!!

    we got up here from Florida and my external hardrive was making clicking noises. After talking to several friends we determined it was broken. All I can say is that I cried! I had just finished putting EVERY photo ever took on that drive. Children, wedding, family trips, my deceased son's photos. I almost went to a company in Pittsburgh, I am so glad we came to Chis. Not only was the price reasonable, but the service was quick and very professional. He is surely a life saver!! I would have cried forever if I couldn't get my sons photos back (that's all I have left of him) THANK YOU CHRIS!!

    Hi Dawn, glad was able to help!

     by Gina from Buffalo

    I am so happy with the professional, courteous service I received from Chris at PCS Solutions. I had backed up two past computer's pics/files on my laptop and one day out of the blue, my hard drive crashed 🙁 I was devastated. A friend referred PCS to me and I am very pleased to say all of my precious/sentimental life's photos, videos & memories have been completely recovered...can't put a price tag on those memories! Chris took time to explain what could have caused this to happen and provided me several options. His replies were always very prompt & accommodating. I will be referring this company and will definitely return if I ever have future issues.

     by Wendy from Southtowns
    Saved My Life!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I work a part time job and I am responsible for backing up the computer at night when I am finished. I always seem to forget. Just recently the computer crashed and we had all our business records for 30 years gone. Our accountant last backed up our files one year ago. I contacted Chris and he was able to retrieve the file from the hard drive and restore them on our new computer. If he had not been able to do that, I would have had to rebuild one year of business records. OMG!!! I cannot thank Chris enough for his professionalism, time, and basically for saving my life!!!!!!!!!!!! I might add that he had the problem fixed and we were up and running within two days!!!!!!!! Thank you Chris from the bottom of my heart. I now have an automatic backup system. This will never happen to me again!!!

     by Jay Randazzo
    Honeymoon and African Safari Trip Photos Recovered

    My wife and I have been planning and saving for a safari to Africa since we met. Finally, for our first wedding anniversary (and belated honeymoon), we went. For 12 days we snapped almost 2000 photos and had an amazing trip. My favorite picture is of us within 10 feet of 2 rhinos. The very last day we were there, we accidentally deleted ALL of the pictures from our memory card. While it didn't ruin the trip, it did dampen our spirits quite a bit. To have no pictures of this trip of a lifetime would have been terrible.

    Chris was able to recover our photos to ensure that we have pictures to show our families and one day, our children. He was very responsive - returning them to us in a couple of days and much less expensive than other comparable recovery services. I would highly recommend PCS if you need something recovered.

     by Valerie Cooley
    Fantastic Results

    My husband's computer and external hard drive was aboard our sailboat when it sank in the Erie Canal! We were distressed that all of our summer's sailing pictures were lost. However, Chris was able to recover all of the pictures and the data on the Macbook and the external drive.

    Needless to say, we were both thrilled with the fantastic results...thanks Chris.

     by Chris

    I was a bit wary to trust my network drive to an outside person. As an I.T. Technician, you hear all the horror stories of people being burned. After doing everything I could, I gave in and gave Chris a call as this recovery was a bit outside my capabilities. My drive was in bad shape. However, I have yet to find anything wrong with any of my nearly 1 TB of data. At first we saw some potential loss of some pictures, but after digging around in the recovered file structure, I found all of them in my original file structure. This was the same for all my stuff. It took me a while to find it all and transfer it all to my new network drive but it was definitely worth it. Thank you!

     by Victoria

    Chris is amazing, extremely professional and I'm so happy to have found him. I lost my hard drive completely with thousands of irreplaceable photos and no recent backups. He came to my house and picked up the drive explained the process and prices and I got the computer back in a very timely fashion. I would recommend this company to anyone! It is also the most reasonably priced and the only local data recovery that doesn't ship your computer out for service. Hopefully I won't even need to go back, but knowing if I ever have any trouble he is right around the corner makes me feel so much better. He is wonderful!

     by David Jones
    Very professional & helpful

    I contacted Chris after experiencing an external had drive failure; a drive containing the backup of all my files for the last dozen years.

    Chris met with me offsite to accept my drive, accommodating my typically-hectic schedule. He was able to retrieve some of the data locally, but as this was an older out-of-production drive, lacked a specific part to get it running and retrieve all of the data.

    Chris connected me with a partner firm to complete the process, and again professionally-tolerated my hectic schedule and two cancelled appointments to retrieve my drive for shipment, and a CD containing the files he was able to recover before the complete failure. Chris accepted no fee for his work, guidance to his partner vendor, or the data recovered & provided to me. I recommend his services without reservation; exceptionally well-run business. Thanks again for your assistance Chris, I hope that I don't need this type of service again soon, but the call will definitely go to you if I do.

     by Rachel

    My external hard drive started clicking and then I was unable to access my pictures. I hadn't backed up since September, so I lost 5 months worth of pictures, including my daughter's first birthday party. Chris was extremely quick and helpful. It turns out that my hard drive was beyond repair, but Chris came up with another way to help me get back some pictures. He recovered some of missing pictures from my SD cards, including my daughter's first birthday pictures. Chris is an amazing person, and very talented. Thank you so much Chris.

     by Robert Chu
    It's like magic, except it's real

    My digital camera went wacky when the batteries were low, and went into "reformat" mode before shutting down. All of my pictures of my family trip to China, a once-in-lifetime deal, disappeared. I even made things worse for Chris by taking more pictures on the same memory card after giving up on the China pictures. I decided to give this a try after finding this web site and reading the testimonials. It turned out that getting back priceless memories is possible for a reasonable fee. Chris retrieved the photos within a few hours and I had the info back the next day. This man has mad skills and is a very nice person as well. I am very grateful for his fine, professional work. Thank you.

     by Kathleen and Gary
    Miracle worker

    A mega virus wiped our computer clean and to our dismay, the backup system did not work. It is devastating and unfathomable to comprehend that decades of work and photos are gone…..erased forever! Every computer expert we called said that our information could not be restored. We nearly gave up when my husband contacted Chris at PCS. This man is a COMPUTER GENIUS and one of the nicest men you will ever meet. He took our frantic call for help early on a Saturday morn and worked all weekend on our computer. It took meticulous, painstaking time on his part, but he found everything. We had our computer back in a few days. He restored memories that could never be replaced and we are so grateful. It was a pleasure doing business with you, Chris. Thank you, thank you.

     by Julie Vega
    damaged SD card

    My SD card broke suddenly when I was taking some pictures on my last day of Vacation on Disney World, I was really sad since not only my vacations pictures for my 4 old daughter were there and captured all the first moments with her happy faces I also have pictures for all my daughter events for the last 6 months. A friend of mine contact Chris, and he did a wonderful job, he recovered all the videos and pictures in less than 24 hours, and give me back a great joy! I really highly recommend Chris for any trouble you have with data recovery. He is the best!

     by Saba Ansari
    Physically damaged SD card

    My SD card split in half and I was devastated since it had pictures of my baby taken during the past 6 months. I contacted Chris after finding him on Google and he was very professional. He gave my no false hope and told me he would try his best to salvage the card. I gave him the card on Thursday evening and just a few hours later I heard back from him with good news! I was overjoyed! The next day Chris told me that he was able to recover all my pictures and videos and had them ready for pickup. The turnaround time was literally 24 hours and I couldn't be more pleased. I would highly recommend Chris for all kinds of data recovery.

     by Bob Clarke
    failed hard drive

    My work hard drive crashed on a Saturday, I did some google reviews and found Chris. He had completed the review of hard drive done by mid week and advised me that it must be shipped to a company with a clean room to open hard drive. Most guys would have said they can do the work because of Chris's policy "no recovery no payment". He packaged up my hard drive, gave me a referal to a company and met me on a Sunday.
    My entire lifes works were in his hands and he chose to refer me rather than take a chance. He made no money on my job but treated me as a brother.
    I will be back for further computer work.
    Chris - Thanks....

     by Denny Kremblas
    Great Service

    I came across PCS from a Google search, and got ahold of Chris and he worked with me to recover my failed hard drive. He was a real life saver because I had stuff on there that I thought for sure was long gone. I would highly recommend PCS for the work they do, their customer service, and their prices.

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