• Solid-State Drives (SSD)

  • Solid state drives, or SSDs, are popular alternatives to the traditional hard disk drive storage format. With no moving parts, and microchips used to retain data, they are often thought to be more reliable storage options than hard drives.

    In terms of durability, this is certainly the case: an SSD drive is much less vulnerable to physical shock. The performance is also impressive: SSDs are cooler and quieter, with low latency, lower access times, and lower power requirements than hard drives. According to Samsung, they’re eight times faster than hard drives, and will write 40GB per day for 13.5 years before wearing out.

    This is all thanks to the complex RAID algorithms used to distribute data across memory chips, facilitating swift data access speeds, improving reliability, and popularising the devices among time-conscious groups such as mobile sales teams. Despite all of these benefits, solid state drives can and do fail. That’s where we step in.

    Common SSD Failures Include:

    • Firmware corruption
    • Unrecognised devices
    • Electronic faults
    • Physically damaged devices and interfaces
    • Service area corruption
    • Damaged controller microchip
    • Logically corrupt file system
    • Accidental data deletion.

    Whatever the cause of your SSD failure, the shock of losing business-critical data and the stress of downtime makes data recovery a sensitive process.

    Luckily, our team of SSD experts is extremely well-versed in quick diagnosis and swift data recovery, and will spring to your aid as soon as you call us.

    Thanks to extensive research and experience, we use our proprietary techniques to recover data from any type of SSD failure. In fact, we’ve been investigating SSD data recovery ever since the drives were first introduced to the market, and have developed a range of techniques with fantastic success rates.

    To ensure that we continue to offer the highest chances of recovery in the fastest turnaround, we work with some of the most distinguished research professionals in the industry. If you’re looking for an experienced hand in SSD data recovery, you’ve definitely come to the right place.

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