• Data Recovery Prices


    Hard Drive Data Recovery Prices

    Logical Recovery*** (Erased or formatted drives)
    Typical Price Range
    Any erased or formatted device (Hard Drive, Thumb drive, Flash Memory Card, etc..)
    $400 up to $1200 depending on size of drive and amount of time needed to recover.  
    Physical / Cleanroom Data Recovery
    Typical Price Range
    Hard Drive
    $650 - $1350
    SSD (Solid State Drives)
    $800 - $2000
    Phone (iPhone or Android)
    $550 - $1200
    The data recovery prices list above is based on the size and type of your failed hard drive. If parts are needed in order to perform the recovery, a minimum and maximum parts estimate will be provided upon request. The customer will not be responsible for parts costs over the maximum quoted amount. Prices may be higher depending on the complexity of the recovery and labor time involved. The technician will keep customer updated of any changes in pricing. Customer will then have the option to either approve continuation of the work or cancel the job. Parts are non-refundable.

    We also recover

    Price (each)
    USB Thumb Drive
    $550 Flat Rate
    SD/SDHC/Micro SD/CompactFlash Memory Card
    $550 Flat Rate
    RAID0, RAID1, RAID5 NAS Storage Device (multiple drives) Call for estimate
    All Other Devices
    Call for estimate


    You will NEVER be charged a service fee if we fail to get your data back. We will first examine the drive and explain the type of failure. If you give us the go ahead, we will then attempt to retrieve the data. We even give you back your old drive after the recovery for free at your request (you just pay for shipping back to you). There are no tricks or gimmicks, the price you are quoted is really the price you pay. If at any time you decide not to continue, you will not be charged anything for the initial retrieval attempt and we will return the drive (You pay for shipping back to you).

    The bottom line is that if we can't retrieve your data, you will not be charged a service fee for our work. Again, most of our work comes from referrals and we want you to tell your friends that you had a great experience with us. Fill out the form on the Service Request page or email now to get started!

    * $14.95 flat rate shipping for one drive (under 4lbs), $24.95 for two drives (under 6lbs). Actual shipping if over weight limit.
    *** A Logical recovery only applies to formatted, deleted files or partitions, virus corruption, operating system corruption, and degraded file systems. Drive must be free of physical defects.