• Hard Disk Recovery

  • Software Data Recovery

    This scenario is typically conducted by computer technicians. If the hard drive is detected by a secondary computer then disk recovery software can be used to recover the data. 

    Typical time frame: 48 hours. Labor charge starts at $350

  • PCB and/or Controller Board Data Recovery

    Firmware/Translater and other circuit board issues (75% of recoveries we see fall under this category) All hard drives have circuit boards with firmware, translator, eprom and other chips. These chips can lose their programming (burnt or corrupted). If this occurs specialized tools are required to re-program the boards and recover the data. 

    Typical time frame: 5 to 7 Business Days. Labor charge is $500-$750 - Donor PCB Boards may be required ($100-$150 approx)*

  • Clean Room or Physical Hard Disk Recovery

    Hard drives have many moving parts such as heads, motors, actuator arms etc. If physical failure of these components is the cause of the data loss then the drive is opened in a Class 100 Clean Room. In this environment the drive can be inspected and damaged components can be replaced. Once the drive is workable an image is created. We then conduct a disk recovery off the image and put the recovered data onto a destination drive. 

    Typical time frame: 10 to 14 Business Days. Labor charge is $900-$1400 - Donor parts may be required ($100-$250)*

    just call us at 716-539-9555 with a brief description of the problem or contact us through this online form  and we will provide you with options on how to proceed.