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    Outstanding experience. Professional, responsive, and timely. Very fair-priced, and good value. I highly recommend and would use again!

    Thank you!

    Thank you Chris for recovering all of our budget information that we thought was overwritten and erased.
    You recovered everything and had it back up and running in less than 24 hours. We would never been able to reconstruct everything that was in there.
    I will highly recommend you to anyone I know with a data or hard drive problem.

    Thank you

    Chris, was amazing to work with and saved me thousands of dollars and countless hours on trying to recover my lost hard drive that crashed. Having a business he helped me get back up and running ASAP , he is honest and caring. Thanks, Will Maher - Lake View Lawns, inc.

    Wedding photos saved!

    Long story short, my sister's wedding photographer dropped the ball on backing up her wedding photos. After several attempts to recover the data were made by the photographer's technically inclined acquaintances, we brought it to PCS. In a matter of hours Chris was able to repair the broken drive and extract the photos. He is the hero of the wedding.

    My external hard drive was fried, Geek Squad couldn't help me and said my only option was to send it to the manufacturer an that would cost $1000. PCS recovered everything I lost in just a couple days for less. Much thanks.

    I started hearing the click of death from my hard drive several weeks ago, whenever I would wake up my computer from being asleep. My husband and I tried to back up everything, but when the hard drive totally crashed, we found that something had gone wrong with the backup. To say I was heartbroken is a bit of an understatement. I had about 15 years of photos, music, and writing on my computer. I contacted PCS and Chris was very responsive and helpful. He replaced a part in my hard drive and had all of my data recovered and back in my hands within 24 hours! I am so happy and grateful. Thank you Chris, I am definitely recommending you to friends!

    Hilary, I am glad to be able to help. Thank you for trusting PCS with this critical recovery!

    Great Service!!!

    we got up here from Florida and my external hardrive was making clicking noises. After talking to several friends we determined it was broken. All I can say is that I cried! I had just finished putting EVERY photo ever took on that drive. Children, wedding, family trips, my deceased son's photos. I almost went to a company in Pittsburgh, I am so glad we came to Chis. Not only was the price reasonable, but the service was quick and very professional. He is surely a life saver!! I would have cried forever if I couldn't get my sons photos back (that's all I have left of him) THANK YOU CHRIS!!

    Hi Dawn, glad was able to help!


    I am so happy with the professional, courteous service I received from Chris at PCS Solutions. I had backed up two past computer's pics/files on my laptop and one day out of the blue, my hard drive crashed 🙁 I was devastated. A friend referred PCS to me and I am very pleased to say all of my precious/sentimental life's photos, videos & memories have been completely recovered...can't put a price tag on those memories! Chris took time to explain what could have caused this to happen and provided me several options. His replies were always very prompt & accommodating. I will be referring this company and will definitely return if I ever have future issues.

    Saved My Life!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I work a part time job and I am responsible for backing up the computer at night when I am finished. I always seem to forget. Just recently the computer crashed and we had all our business records for 30 years gone. Our accountant last backed up our files one year ago. I contacted Chris and he was able to retrieve the file from the hard drive and restore them on our new computer. If he had not been able to do that, I would have had to rebuild one year of business records. OMG!!! I cannot thank Chris enough for his professionalism, time, and basically for saving my life!!!!!!!!!!!! I might add that he had the problem fixed and we were up and running within two days!!!!!!!! Thank you Chris from the bottom of my heart. I now have an automatic backup system. This will never happen to me again!!!

    Honeymoon and African Safari Trip Photos Recovered

    My wife and I have been planning and saving for a safari to Africa since we met. Finally, for our first wedding anniversary (and belated honeymoon), we went. For 12 days we snapped almost 2000 photos and had an amazing trip. My favorite picture is of us within 10 feet of 2 rhinos. The very last day we were there, we accidentally deleted ALL of the pictures from our memory card. While it didn't ruin the trip, it did dampen our spirits quite a bit. To have no pictures of this trip of a lifetime would have been terrible.Chris was able to recover our photos to ensure that we have pictures to show our families and one day, our children. He was very responsive - returning them to us in a couple of days and much less expensive than other comparable recovery services. I would highly recommend PCS if you need something recovered.

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